Abby R. Fusco

Abby Fusco is a junior at Marshfield High School. She has always enjoyed painting her dog, Teddy—a King Charles Cavalier. Her paintings made perfect gifts for her mother, and this inspired her to begin painting pet portraits for her friends and family. Her love for animals inspired her decision to donate 100% of the proceeds from her paintings to Marshfield Animal Shelter.

About Marshfield Animal Shelter

Marshfield Animal Shelter is the local animal shelter in Abby’s hometown. The shelter is a no-kill shelter that houses both cats and dogs. It is mostly run by volunteers that work all day to keep their animals healthy and safe. The shelter helps to protect animals from being on the streets and gives them food and safety. The shelter is always asking for donations of food and money to help keep it open in order to continue to help poor and helpless animals. By buying a painting, customers are helping animals who have been neglected. Customers are helping the Marshfield Animal Shelter save animals.

About the Portraits

Each painting is made on an 8 in. x 10 in. canvas. Abby uses acrylic paint as a medium. Each portrait costs $25 and $22 goes directly to the Marshfield Animal Shelter.

How to Order a Pet Portrait

To order a portrait, email a photo of your pet to abbyrfusco@gmail.com along with the background color of your choice. Abby will send you a PayPal invoice ($25/portrait plus shipping costs) and a time estimate of when your portrait will be complete. The average turn around time is two to three weeks, including shipping.

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